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Coco Club World is a new concept initiated by COCOURE Agency.

A club for those looking to cultivate new contacts and connect with industry professionals through selective networking and socializing.

This club is made especially for the fashionistas, the artsy crowd, the music rebels and the creative minds sharing the same kind of attitude.

Monthly it will be arranged social events, day-and evening parties, workshops, vernissages and trunk shows at trendy venues worldwide. Most of the events arranged will be complimentary for members.

The Story



Founded in 2016, COCOURE is an agency connecting designers and retailers in the UK with a focus on daring, innovative and extravagant brands. A mix of avant-garde and haute couture designers represents their portfolio, targeting the strong and influential individual.

In addition to the agency, COCOURE's Founders and Directors Natalia & Marta also started the worldwide Women-Only events-based platform DONNA CLUB: connecting ambitious and sophisticated women in the city. With over 500 past events, they have so far connected thousands of women from all over the world.


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While working in the Luxury, PR and Events industry in several cosmopolitan cities around the world, they had for many years an idea of creating a hot-spot for like-minded individuals with the same kind of attitude wanting to tie the knots between creative professional industries. 

In 2017 COCOURE CLUB launched a new concept for professionals: an events-based social network covering a wide range of creative industries including Fashion, Art, Beauty, Music, Film, Culture, Media, Finance and Technology.

The Club is created as a hub to get insight and expertise in an ever-evolving digital world, as well as to connect the vibrant and sophisticated un-plugged world.


Coco Club World

A platform connecting like-minded individuals and creative professionals. Contact us for collaborations!


HQ London

Phone: 07 884 839 834


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